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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes are the one most of us exposed day in and day out. Most of such boxes, we (common man) encounter are relatively weaker as they were produced keeping cost factor as the 1st Priority. Quik Box is here to address Quality , Cost & Timely Availability issues irrespective of our order size. With huge volume from our existing B2B business we get best in quality raw paper @ very competitive price. Our factory is equipped with fully Automatic machinery setup capable of producing bone dry boxes @ minimal production expenses. Quik Box produces these standard-size boxes regularly and keep enough stocks at hand for handling small buyers too.  So why should we be waiting more…. Let us order … 

Courier Bags

Shipping Bags for e-commerce, courier & regular postal uses should be Flexible but cannot be opened unless it is cut open. Quik box achieves this with the state-of-the-art quality laboratory set up with rigorous testing procedures.

Quik Box’s expertise in the field of plastic material science and production techniques enabled to provide the best in quality tamper-proof bags @ optimum cost. By maintaining suitable stocks of various sizes, Quik Box serves us shiftily satisfying our Quality and Price expectations.

BOPP Tapes

Packing tapes looks simple …. Isn’t it… Ever we worried about the length of tape we buy is it same as mentioned in paper. The shorter the length higher the cost unknowingly we spend. Why does most of our tape stick to the surface so weak that in few minutes tapes fly away ?. Does our tape has enough thickness & has quality glue that enables the tape to quickly stick and hold the surface strongly forever? 

Quik Box gives us more length of tape for our money. Quik Box tapes stuck to the surface either it is plastic, paper or metal quickly and strongly.  Yes this is achieved with years of painful experience in the field packing which Quik Box earned in last two decades.

Stretch Film

Stretch Wrap or Cling Film is a special product in our basket, crafted to satisfy e-commerce packing & House hold needs. Stretch Wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. Our special grade Stretch Wrap expands 6 times of its original length thus covering higher surface area The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It doesn’t leave any trace of glue on the surface thus 100% safe to use. It attaches itself with the surface like a second skin protecting your valuable articles from dust, moisture & scratch.